Merchants of Menace

The Pugnacious

 Players are (probably) junior Fleet Officers in Princess Selina's navy. Her Highness' civic navy currently consists of:
(a) The invasion fleet Galleases, galleys modified for use in the northern seas. High quality but best suited for coastal work.
(b) Some re-fitted merchant Cogs, of variable quality but suitable for all types of work including deep ocean patrols.
(c) The new consortium fleet under construction. Said to be an innovative combination of both Kerunian and Linrodeth ship designs, details of which are Top Secret.

 Note that all the Great Cogs of the old Athionic Royal Navy now belong to the "Regency Council of Salvoyn".

 The campaign will, in the Ship's Log, follow the careers of officers assigned to The Pugnacious, a refitted 300 tun merchant Cog working for the consortium. The contract is that the ship will spend equal time patrolling the northern seas and voyaging south on commercial ventures. Likely the Captains will rotate with each type of assignment, but a fleet officer remains with the ship and under fleet regulations, no matter who is skipper.

Background Notes:

A Brief & Concise History of Medieval Shipping (abridged) gives details of ship types as well as the available technology of the period.
Ships' Crews sets out who is on board and what they do.

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Further Reading:

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